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From Script to Screen, learn about filmmaking.

Teach your pupils how to create simple animations and short films.

This course will teach you how to use simple filmmaking and animation methods to help young people aged 5 to 19 with assessment and achievement across the curriculum.

You’ll learn how Film and animation may be utilized as effective tools to promote active learning and allow students to form strong connections with any subject.

Look into several filmmaking frameworks that you might employ with your pupils.

At Into Film, you’ll learn how to make simple short films and animations with the help of filmmaking pros, using evaluation and growth throughout the process.

You’ll learn how to write curriculum-based filmmaking briefs and learn how to run entertaining and instructional filming projects.

Filmmaking can be taught anywhere.

The course will help you evaluate online strategies for delivering filmmaking and animation activities remotely to support your teaching during periods of remote learning, in addition to researching activities for use in the Classroom.

Learn with Into Film, a non-profit organization dedicated to film education.

Into Film, one of the leading educational organizations in the UK, created this program in collaboration with schools to provide free training, materials, and after-school film clubs.

You might also be interested in Into Film’s other course, Using Film to Teach Literacy Online and in the Classroom, which is now in progress.

Expand your knowledge of the filmmaking process.

A group of award-winning filmmakers will walk you through their approach to telling stories over six weeks. The writer and director are also involved in writing and directing; the Film also includes cinematography and editing, you’ll learn about various film production specialties. Your filmmaker host will provide examples from their work and films that have influenced and inspired them each week.

This filmmaking course from the NFTS and the BFI Film Academy will help you improve your understanding of the process and show you how to take your short films to the next level.

The Art Of Cinematography: Light And Face

On a limited budget, this session will show you how to light the most significant and emotional subject you can place in front of your lens, the enigmatic face. This session is unique because it will walk you through every step of the filmmaking process. Suki Medencevic A.S.C., an award-winning cinematographer, will be teaching the class.

Suki has almost 25 years of experience lighting Hollywood films and television shows. His credits include American Horror Story, Stuck in the Middle, and several high-profile documentaries for Pixar, ILM, and Disney+, including Disney Studios’ The History of Imagineering. Suki has lectured to sold-out audiences worldwide, as well as at the USC Film School and the New York Film Academy. He’s a member of the distinguished American Society of Cinematographers.