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How to Find the Best Online Documentary Films and Documentaries

Documentaries are thought-provoking and educational. Find the best documentary films and docuseries to watch online with these websites and applications.

A lot of the time, the reality is more interesting than fantasy. These websites and apps can assist you in locating the best online documentary films and docuseries.

In comparison to movies, documentary films and series require a distinct criterion. While a movie’s goal is to entertain, documentaries aim to educate and stir thought. People are becoming increasingly interested in such programming, leading to specialized documentary streaming apps such as CuriosityStream. We’ll look at a few more options in this article for finding the finest documentary films to watch.

Documentary Addict (Web): Lists and Rankings of the Best Documentary Films to Watch Online

Do you want to watch a documentary but aren’t sure what to watch? Allow Documentary Addict to choose a film for you using its various methods of film discovery. This is a hand-curated collection of over 5,000 documentaries available to stream for free online.

You’ll find lists for the top 50 rated, most-watched, and most captivating documentaries in the Best Documentaries section. A few “best of” lists are published annually, although the most recent one was updated in 2015. These lists can assist you in finding high-quality documentary films quickly.

There’s also a Random button, which randomly selects eight documentaries from the site. Each film has a brief synopsis as well as its genre. Continue to make these eight choices until you find something you like.

You can also sort the full collection by categories and filter it by most recently added or most recently watched. To further narrow down your options, use the search bar. Documentary Addict is undoubtedly among the greatest locations to watch documentaries online.

Nonfics (Web): A Critic’s Documentary Recommendations

Christopher Campbell is a well-known film critic and the President of the Critics Choice Awards’ Documentary division. You might not realize that he has a website dedicated to his favorite documentary films.

Campbell’s evaluations and observations on various documentary films and docuseries may be found at NonFics. Given the number of documentaries he watches, having a curated list of expert recommendations is helpful.

He also produces a monthly list of the greatest documentaries available on Netflix. It’s a terrific collection that contains blurbs from his reviews and discusses both new and old true-story films. These can’t be messed up, guaranteed.

Modern Times Review (Web): Reviews of the Best New Documentary Films

Modern Times Review is a triannual European publication that covers cinema and festival news and reviews worldwide. Because of its large number of writers, it is a veritable treasure trove of frequently updated documentary evaluations.

Every week, you’ll discover various evaluations of documentaries from Europe and elsewhere. This site has a higher frequency of documentary suggestions than any other. You can read one review each day for free, and you can subscribe to get access to more.

The reviews can be sorted into categories such as documentaries, short films, reality-based fiction, etc. Modern Times Review also publishes articles regarding documentary filmmaking and interviews, analyses, and commentaries.