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Watching movies to calm the mind, and to change the mood has become a very effective way to get rid of mental depression.


Watching movies to calm the mind, and to change the mood has become a very effective way to get rid of mental depression. Watching movies in the cinema is even more fun and a learning experience. The advancement of modern technology has provided viewers and investigators with countless devices to watch it wherever and whenever they want to watch it. Portable devices such as tablets and cell phones with extraordinarily high resolution and image quality (Zhao, 2006), along with internet magic do much easier and attractive work for movie lovers.

But with all the advances and facilities of modern times, surprisingly so, the majority of the general public still prefer to hang out and go to the movies to watch a movie.


The “Film or Film” industry is one of the largest income generating entertainment industries in the world. A country like India is the highest producer of films per year for the last few years of its film industry which is called “Bollywood”. In the United States film industry, “Hollywood” is ranked second in the number of film releases, but is first and far better than all other countries’ film industries in terms of production, technology, budget and revenues.

People discuss the advantages of watching films in theaters, according to which, “one does not need to wait for the film to be generally released on DVD, and other social networks”, because it is a trend and official rules set by the regulatory authorities of the film industry, which According to him, a new release film will only be shown mainly on the big screen of the cinema, and then after a short time, it will be on open display.

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Well, it can be a boon for people who can’t wait, and a business way for filmmakers and regulatory agencies, but for me, the only good reason to go to the theater to see a new film has always been a charm facing the big screen. The real art of modern-day technological advances can be enjoyed many times more on the big screen, then on some small screen devices.

A person generally doesn’t watch films to learn something from him, but usually, films look real from real life and indulge in a life of idealism depicted in classy films. Good films sometimes influence the visuals so much that the visuals can take them to the world of the imagination (Epstein, 1999). But this aesthetic sense cannot be created in low-resolution, mini-screen home appliances because they either don’t have a strong and attractive effect, or the background can create such an effect on the eye.

Along with all the exciting effects of a larger cinema screen with a louder but balanced sound, one of the main attractions, or advantages I would prefer to say, is the uninterrupted influx of storyline sensation, which is ensured when watching a movie in the cinema. Advertisements, censorship, and other distractions cut off the flow of the story, and people usually stop watching the other part of the film, which comes after a break.

Since the advantage is mainly told of having a new film in theaters mentioned, a variety of new films are on display altogether. Even in some theaters, where there are about ten to twelve shared screens to show the film, the option of choosing a film is much higher, which is clearly pleasing to a large proportion of film lovers. Then another great facility is the discounted price for snacks and drinks which are included in the ticket fee.

A fan’s frying environment, cheering at the overwhelming sense of battle, running upside down from the kids, throwing snacks along the way, and the occasional outrageous commentary by the kids make for a lively and memorable environment which takes back from the cinema. .

Personal experience

I remember watching a movie in 2009 at the cinema with a group of friends. This film is one of the best Hollywood war productions ever, its name is “Black Hawk Down”. I watched a certain movie several times later in my life, perhaps only because of the impact I took back from the cinema. The film “Black Hawk Down” is filmed in Somalia, on the story of its 1996 civil war, in which many American Marines were killed by warring Somali militias.