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Nothing beats unwinding with a thrilling movie after a long day, complete with popcorn, beverage, sweets, and cannabis. Finding the right cannabis strain for a movie night is crucial since you don’t want a high that interferes with your enjoyment of the show. Your viewing experience will be influenced by how well the Indica to Sativa ratio is balanced; an Indica dominating strain will favor a more “couch-locked” high, which is perfect for those Netflix B-list movies that Adam Sandler usually stars in. If you are the consumer who wants to stay at home or the adventurous type who likes to go to the movies, these top 3 cannabis strains will suit you to a viewing experience that you can enjoy with comfort. A Sativa dominant strain for movie night is suitable for movies that require your total concentration, such as “Inception.”

OG Sleepy Joe variety

Themes of enjoyment, humor, and laughter are prevalent in comedies. There is no better choice than the Sleepy Joe OG strain if you want to giggle nonstop for hours, even at the ridiculous comedies. Sleepy OG Joe was created from Obama Kush and Nova OG crossing. Sleepy OG Joe’s strain delivers an incredible high that comes on quickly and lingers for hours. Additionally, saving these flowers for leisurely days on the couch will help you get more done. This strain has a maximum THC content of 22%. It’s the ideal strain for the comedy genre because of its couch-locking abilities and euphoric bursts.

The Sleepy Joe OG plant also has a robust core stem, and numerous lateral branches adorned with sparkling flowers. Additionally, the blooms frequently turn dark purple or even black. Both inside and outside, Sleepy Joe OG performs admirably, and you’ll like the strain. Because the Sleepy Joe OG strain takes so long to flower (8–9 weeks), it can be grown using SOG or various plant-training techniques.

Blue Zushi variety

The main components of musicals include singing, dancing, and music. They are also fascinating. Get boosted with the Blue Zushi strain when you’re in the mood for a musical. Blue Zushi, a hybrid with a 60% Indica/40% Sativa ratio, was created by fusing the scrumptious Zkittlez and Kush Mints strains. Because of its breathtaking beauty and well-balanced high, the Blue Zushi strain is perfect for any Indica aficionado. This bud has a dense frosty coating of magnificent minuscule blue-tinted white crystal trichomes, small fluffy spherical forest green nugs with deep blue undertones, brilliant orange hairs, and a vibrant orange hair coat.

When you break apart each dazzling little nugget, it releases the scents of fragrant flowers and rich, earthy pine, similar to strolling through a forest after rain. The flavor is earthy, peppery, and flavorful, with a mellow herbal tea flavor that lingers on the tongue. The Blue Zushi high develops gradually, sneaking up on you before launching you into a buoyant and energized state. After a brief period of light euphoria and a buzzy, tingling body high, your energy level will quickly change into one of profound rest.

pound cake strain from London

Action movies and adventure movies both provide exciting and enjoyable content. They mainly focus on unusual events and locations and adventurous travel. If you want a little adventure, try the London Pound Cake strain. A delectable hybrid strain called Sunset Sherbet was crossed with another Indica-dominant hybrid strain to create London Poundcake. The London Poundcake strain is also named for its unbelievably wonderful flavor, which combines nutty lemon and citrus with sweet berry and grape flavors. The earthy, woodsy scent contains undertones of nutty lemon and luscious berries. The high from London Poundcake has subtle and centered effects that are calming and elevating in nature. It is as excellent as the flavor.

You’ll feel a slight lift at the beginning of the high, filling you with a calm sense of focused attention and gradually calming any unpleasant or racing thoughts. A calming body high will slowly take over as your mind relaxes, lulling you into a slightly couch-locked state without lethargy or tiredness. Additionally, this bud has substantial spade-shaped olive green nugs that are covered in fine orange hairs and trichomes that are frosty amber in color.