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In radio, what is heard commercially is not what happens culturally. You can guarantee the same logic applies to music videos. The music video industry is controlled by a major music distributor. The marketing system that was put in place forced commercial products ahead of underground artists’ work directly into the hands of consumers. How do you compete with that?

Jesse Russell Brooks is an underground music video director commissioned by Change Everything Music in Los Angeles, CA. After he was on the ship in July 2004, the little label stuck Brooks with the exact same problem to solve.

Underground Hip Hop artists have less money compared to commercial giants.

The standard approach for many underground Hip Hop artists is to immediately distribute music videos on the internet through venues such as or frequently to various public access events in America. Independent agencies such as The CVC Report or Royal ‘D’ Visual Marketing can distribute for your group or label and also help you try placing a music video on network TV for around $ 10,000. A small price to pay for possible commercial fame.

This article contains a film filmmaker exploiting an arena that will expand the value of Hip Hop music videos during underground competitions, without competing with commercial giants. “The power of music videos has been diminished for underground artists by the commercial industry. Consumers have become too savvy to organize public access music events along with one or two local radio interviews and / or club shows. In my mind, a piece of the puzzle is missing. A promotional tool. modernity that will add value to underground Hip Hop marketing. ” Jesse explained.

“The International Film Festival Circuit is an untapped marketing tool for underground Hip Hop artists. Totally untapped.”

In America alone there are about 1500 Film Festivals that promote and screen works to more than 10 million audience members a year. This audience includes music labels, film directors, video game designers, and well-known artists who are all looking for what’s new in film and music. Currently, 25% of these festivals carry the music video category. The last 75% is looking for ways to expand the music video category and will make adjustments to accommodate the music video art form, especially if it is Hip Hop.

The Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival is the largest black film festival in Atlanta, Georgia. I emailed them to find out what their position was regarding the music video. A representative replied, “We don’t have a category for music videos anymore. We did it in previous years but didn’t receive any entries last year. Filmmakers are currently filling the market with shorts and documentaries. Music video submissions aren’t there to invest in. the time and effort to promote the category. If the pressure is there, we’ll offer grants, industry support, and find the money to make it happen. ”

The Film Festival Market is the point where the needs of both underground Hip Hop artists and underground film directors can be met. The Festival offers grants and cash prizes, merit initiatives, industry jobs, interviews, contacts and free advertising for filmmakers and artists. Judges may be very important or distinguished industry professionals who make themselves available to filmmakers and artists. Major local and national players such as production studio executives and radio DJs often attend. If not, you may be encouraged to invite them with the support of the festival director. Filmmakers and Musicians participate in talk backs in front of large audiences. There is an area for shamelessly free advertising and a lobby for impulse sales. Local music shops and bookstores participate to enhance their image and products to the community. The film festival circuit is the missing link to underground Hip Hop marketing.

The film festival circuit is not influenced by what Hip Hop looks like or sounds like.

This is an opportunity for underground rap artists and their directors to not only increase their audience, but also share the words and visuals that would normally have us labeled “Art House Too” or “Too Conscientious” or “Being Radical” or “Being Controversial” by a commercial outlet. Film festivals are made up of both consumers and professionals looking towards the next creative step outside the commercial world that can eventually expand.