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Today, films have become so popular and intertwined with our society that it has become impossible to imagine a world without films and entertainment. Movies today have become the biggest entertainment zone for generating big business and making a profit. The duration from which film history begins is around more than one hundred years, and since then the film industry has gone through many developments and changes. The first production, in 1895, was an era of silent films that continued for nearly thirty years.

However, in the 1920s, film personnel with great deal of effort could manage to coordinate sound and image together, and this was the beginning of a new world of film. Since the 1980’s watching movies has taken big leaps and today it is a major entertainment business in the international market. In fact, these films were born in the late 1800s with many innovations in line. In 1878, many horse images were clicked in fast action using a camera sequence that proved successful at creating the first motion picture.

Entertainment History

William Kennedy, the first person to develop the celluloid strip which consists of a series of pictures and this eventually grows into a new era film! This film projector was introduced in 1895 which helped the audience to watch these films. In a short time the film industry hit the market and became quite famous which proved to have a huge positive impact on the entertainment business, after that in the 1900s silent films had started to diminish and are now almost non-existent in the present scenario.

The most popular filmmakers of America, Italy, France and England have left their mark on their outstanding performances during historical times. Initially, small and very few selective venues were chosen to show case films, but soon as the craze among people for watching films increased they started showing them on larger panels such as traditional theaters and old tents that allowed large numbers of people to watch. film at the same time under one roof.

Ocular and graphic were introduced by the French during the innovative and experimental period discovered in the early period. The most popular names such as Buster Keating and Charlie Chaplin in the 1920s raised the name and fame of Hollywood films which are currently major players in the entertainment business and are currently the largest profit-producing industry in the international market. The presence of American films will continue for a long time and prove a very large presence in the entertainment industry and the world of film. Synchronizing motion images with sound and effects has not only created a new perception of film but has also taken films at a greater height.

Black History Month Spotlight

From its inception to 1929 all Hollywood films had sound effects along with the films. In the 1940s the audience’s taste changed for obvious reasons of those times, they tended towards war films or dramas and to meet their demands the film industry was very good at making films and flashbacks of reality. During 1941, Citizen Kane was marked for his best production of the all-time favorite film. Classics blew again in the 1950s and films like “Ben Hur” and “The Ten Commandments” have created a lasting impact.

During the 1970s, Hollywood films gained a lot of popularity and until recently have retained the most creative and innovative images in their films. However, many films brought about new changes in the entertainment business, such as “Star Wars” science fiction films helped to get a lot of profit because of the highly developed graphics and sophisticated picture effects that are especially seen in horror films that make huge profits in the entertainment business. Blockbuster films have even gotten the entertainment business. The 1990s and 200s to date have seen advanced versions of special effects and computer-aided animated films.

The large multiplex, DVD and Home Theaters have created a huge impact on people who enjoy watching movies with great ease and comfort and hence helped the Entertainment Business to grow enormously. Movies create lasting positive experiences for people who are sure to grow into the future!