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A staff as impressive as Westworld’s is hard to imagine: Nolan’s brother and co-writer on all of Christopher’s films, Jonathan Nolan., Anthony Hopkins, and Ramin Djawadi, the Game composer of Thrones’ iconic theme music. Westworld’s music is deserving of the greatest acclaim. The piano in the cowboy saloon playing Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden and No Surprises by Radiohead is incredible! According to those who have already seen it, Westworld, with its original dramatic plot and huge western landscapes, appears to be just as amazing as Game of Thrones.

The Red Band

This show is not to be confused with the same-named American remake. Choose the original Spanish version to get the most out of this drama. The series follows a group of youngsters who meet as patients in a pediatric hospital’s pediatric department. As part of their experiment, they set out to determine if there are six distinct personalities in every group of friends and the Girl as they become friends. This story, which writer Albert Espinosa has put a lot of thought and passion into, is sincere, kind, and sympathetic, and it is well worth your time.

The New Pope

The Young Pope, a new television series starring Jude Law as Pope Pius XIII, was directed by Paolo Sorrentino, the first American to lead the Roman Catholic Church. Every scene in this series is so beautiful that you’ll want to watch all of the episodes over and over. This drama will put all viewers on the edge of their seats since it is provocative, cerebral, and captivating.

Stranger Things is a television series set in the United States.

This television series combines three genres: the clich├ęd college movies in which the nerds rise and defeat the jocks, the science fiction films about insane scientists that peaked in the 1980s, and the terrifying mystery thrillers created in the Stephen King style. This show, starring Winona Ryder and a gang of charismatic adolescents, has successfully blended various genres to the point where it has amassed a large fan base worldwide.

Black Mirror is a British television series set in the

This series focuses on the negative aspects of modern technology in each episode. Black Mirror depicts a world in which people are fully reliant on social media and shoot food images with only one purpose in mind: to acquire as many likes as possible.

Nosedive, a game based on the third season’s first episode, has been created on Facebook. In this world, a person’s social position is determined by their social media rating. Negative one-star reviews will be given to characters who act or behave improperly. If a person’s rating falls too low, they are treated as second-class citizens and are no longer permitted to enter the office (ideal for shooting selfies).